Victor Yoga Studio

Victor Yoga Studio | PubGPS Wellness Focus #3

On today’s episode we welcome Mandy Wolfram, the owner of  Victor Yoga Studio.  Mandy’s studio has been a staple on Main St. Victor for the past 12 years.  I intentionally avoided all caffeine before our interview so I could be extra relaxed and ready to dive into the world of yoga.  We discuss where she grew up, how she got introduced to yoga and ultimately established Victor Yoga Studio.  My favorite part was in learning all the different variations of yoga classes, including one that integrates drinking beer while posing!  After listening and learning about the relaxed and welcoming environment the studio offers, I am going to dust off my yoga pants and give it another try.  I hope you enjoy this episode and please check out or follow them on Facebook @victoryogastudio for more information.

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