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  • Would George Banks be Proud?

    Would George Banks be Proud?

    (Warning – Today’s post is heavy on gripe and light on wisdom) All across the world, let alone the United States, trillions of dollars are sitting idle earning literally no interest in most bank accounts.  In the United States, the …Read More »
  • Acorns & Honey

    Acorns & Honey

    In a strange way, the title “Acorns & Honey” makes me very hungry.  I think my hunger stems from a Winnie the Pooh book we read with the kids where Roo makes her famous “Haycorn” cookies.  We’ll save the cookie …Read More »
  • The Lion Tracker’s Guide to Life

    The Lion Tracker’s Guide to Life

    This year has asterisks all over the place.  A planned zig, is currently still zagging.  An expected  slight right hand turn in August, was actually a hard left.  For this financial planner, who spends day in and day out trying …Read More »
  • Inflate Gate

    Inflate Gate

    Sorry to all you New England Patriot haters, today we’re talking about the Federal Reserve’s (“The Fed”) annual conference which was held virtually this week.  Chairman of The Fed, Jerome Powell, spoke on their intentions of leaving interest rates low …Read More »
  • Does Anyone Really Like The Taste of Beer?

    Does Anyone Really Like The Taste of Beer?

    For those beer drinkers out there, let’s not get too worked up over the title.  There is plenty of room for consumers of all brands and beverages here at PubGPS!  However, the sale of spiked seltzers has been soaring in …Read More »
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