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  • Fireworks For All

    Fireworks For All

    Although maybe not the best use of money, I thought it would be a cool idea to have spent some of the trillions in debt we’ve created recently to have a spectacular and inspiring fireworks display in every town across …Read More »
  • Searching For Simple

    Searching For Simple

    Occam’s razor refers to the idea that the simplest answer is often the correct answer.  I was watching the ESPN documentary about the 1998 Chicago Bulls Basketball team, “The Last Dance” and in one of the episodes they journey into …Read More »
  • Lessons Are Expensive

    Lessons Are Expensive

    When my wife and I bought our first home, I neglected to seal up a pipe coming into our house, despite it being noted in our home inspection.  That resulted in an afternoon freaking out as we watched water flow …Read More »
  • Who Takes The Risk

    Who Takes The Risk

    As we enter the summer months, there are car deals popping up left and right.  The most attractive ones are for 0% financing on a new ride.  For example, you pay 0% interest on a loan length up to 72 …Read More »
  • If No One Cares

    If No One Cares

    I was speaking with a friend the other day about the state of the economy, the stock market and I guess the world.  My thought track was along the lines of…”it only matters if someone cares.” As the words were …Read More »
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