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  • Is There Such a Thing As Too Much?

    Is There Such a Thing As Too Much?

    Years back, my wife started buying Dove Chocolates as a nice little after dinner treat.  This was all fine and good until the Dove Dark Chocolate came out.  One after dinner led to a wholesale size bag kept at the …Read More »
  • “Boogers Do Grow!”

    “Boogers Do Grow!”

    From 2018: “Boogers do grow! I find new ones everyday!”  My five year old yells from the third row seat of our minivan while we’re driving down the highway.  A light bulb moment for her since the day before when …Read More »
  • Which Will Get a Bigger “Thank You”?

    Which Will Get a Bigger “Thank You”?

    As you may have heard, college is expensive.  When my wife got pregnant with our third child, she mentioned how funny it was going to be to have “3 kids in college at the same time.”  That realization sent me …Read More »
  • Building To Completion

    Building To Completion

    Just this week I finished a very interesting book titled “Strong Towns” by Charles Marohn, Jr. and I loved it. It  was recommended to me by my brother-in-law, and the main theme of the book is centered around what it …Read More »
  • THE August Challenge

    THE August Challenge

    So we’ve hit August.  I have a few hot dogs under my belt and hopefully you do too.  We’re starting to get a little of that “Sunday feeling” in my house like the fun is coming to an end soon.  …Read More »
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  • Meet Sarah & Brian of FLX Stories

    Meet Sarah & Brian of FLX Stories

    On today’s episode, meet co-hosts Sarah Canzano & Brian Imrich.  They discuss how they got to the area, their hopes for the podcast and a bunch of other random bits of personal information to help get to know them better.  …Read More »
  • Talking Dogs With Devan Blazey from Summit K9 | Pandemic Playbook #5

    Talking Dogs With Devan Blazey from Summit K9 | Pandemic Playbook #5

    Today we welcome Devan Blazey the founder of Summit K9 Training.  Devan grew up in Victor, New York and started Summit K9 about four years ago.  We discuss tips for new dog owners and common mistakes new and old dog …Read More »
  • Morgan of MorSushi | Pandemic Playbook #4

    Morgan of MorSushi | Pandemic Playbook #4

    Today in the pub we had the amazing Morgan Devaney, the founder of MorSushi.  Morgan and I talk about how she got started, the incredible and extensive menu she has cultivated over the years and the sushi “pop ups” she …Read More »
  • Stumblin’ Monkey | Pandemic Playbook #3

    Stumblin’ Monkey | Pandemic Playbook #3

    Today’s guest is absolutely no stranger to a pub!  We welcomed Mr. Rob Shafer, the owner of the Sumblin’ Monkey Brewery located in the Village of Victor, NY.  Rob and I discuss his early days starting off with a home …Read More »
  • Fleet Feet | Pandemic Playbook #2

    Fleet Feet | Pandemic Playbook #2

    Today we had the incredible Ellen Brenner in the pub with us! Ellen started and co owns the local Rochester and Buffalo area Fleet Feet stores with her husband and business partner “Boots.”  Ellen and I discuss how they got …Read More »
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