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  • The Whir Of The Printing Press

    The Whir Of The Printing Press

    It would not be appropriate to spoil a perfectly fun Friday with the boredom of the US Federal (Reserve) Open Market Committee (FOMC for short) policy actions.  So let’s not go too deep, but let’s lay some groundwork around whether …Read More »
  • Like My Mom Always Said

    Like My Mom Always Said

    Where did that phrase go? “Like my Mom always said…you catch more flies with honey than vinegar.” I love the idea of these nuggets of wisdom being cast into the ears of frustrated and stubborn children. (Are there any other …Read More »
  • How Do You Say Thank You?

    How Do You Say Thank You?

    This week is Teacher Appreciation Week, AND…as my cousin reminded me last year,  just as importantly National Nurses Day on May 6th.  At this moment, in this period of time, I have this feeling in me that saying “thank you” …Read More »
  • The Great Coin Return

    The Great Coin Return

    What if one of the results of this pandemic is the elimination of physical US dollars? No more wad of cash, no more summer gigs “under the table” and no more loose change. My thought is the first phase of …Read More »
  • Pop Quiz – Test Your Skills!

    Pop Quiz – Test Your Skills!

    Keeping it light this week with my “at home” edition. Test your skills with three true or false questions, learn something new and then wow your friends and family with your new found wisdom!  Read More »
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