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  • Financial Planning Pyramid – The Basics – Part 1

    Financial Planning Pyramid – The Basics – Part 1

    In this wildly informative video we build the Financial Planning Pyramid! Whether you are a beginner or a pro, this review of the fundamentals will be worth the 6 minutes. Enjoy!  Read More »
  • Two Things Chappin’ My Bottom

    Two Things Chappin’ My Bottom

    Readers who have seen the tv show “Family Guy” may remember when Peter gets his own news segment called “What Really Grinds My Gears.” Today’s post is my own version with two of my current top hot buttons.    Number One …Read More »
  • Happy Turkey Day!

    Happy Turkey Day!

    Wishing everyone a happy Thanksgiving filled with family and football!  I also hope your meal is more bountiful than my first ever carrot crop. 🙂Read More »
  • Battle of the Vices

    Battle of the Vices

    What stocks do you think have been the best performing over the past ten years? If you asked a room of people, I imagine you’d hear great answers like Amazon, Apple, Walmart, Google and Facebook.  All of these companies have …Read More »
  • Twice Warned Twice Burned

    Twice Warned Twice Burned

    I am going to avoid singling out which child of mine this post is inspired by, mostly because I don’t want this post to be found 10 years from now and I’ll have to hear “What the heck Dad, why …Read More »
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