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  • If Only It Were That Easy

    If Only It Were That Easy

    Have you watched the hit Paramount show Yellowstone? Yellowstone is kind of like The Sopranos, but taking place on a ranch in Montana. After several recommendations, my wife and I started watching it and our binging quickly picked up momentum.  …Read More »
  • Getting a Car Wash In The Rain

    Getting a Car Wash In The Rain

    Keeping the inside of my car clean is a battle that I have not given up on, but I am clearly losing.  I like to think I am like most people in that at first you keep the new shiny …Read More »
  • Three Trips

    Three Trips

    I recently injured my right bicep, and although I am fortunate and should be back to super human strength in a couple of months, it has been an experience. As I have shared this latest story with clients, many of …Read More »
  • File It Under D…For Donut

    File It Under D…For Donut

    There are so many bad jokes I can make with a title like “How Long Should I Keep…” but I will let you fill in the blanks for me.  Do you have a filing cabinet at home, filled to the …Read More »
  • Remember Wilson?

    Remember Wilson?

    Depending on your age and appetite for sitcom television, you may remember the show Home Improvement starring Tim Allen as Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor.  Although there were several fun and noteworthy characters, the mysterious, and always half hidden neighbor, Wilson, …Read More »
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