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  • Decision Overload

    Decision Overload

    I am not the handiest man.  I like to spend my days inside my circles of competence, and none of those circles currently involve a circular saw.  That’s not to say that with years of practice, hours on YouTube and …Read More »
  • Year End Financial Tips!

    Year End Financial Tips!

    We have 7 weeks left in this year! If you’re anything like me, you’re WAY behind on your New Year’s resolution, or you don’t remember what it was and so you’re right where you want to be.  For 2022, my …Read More »
  • “Don’t Touch It, Don’t Even Look At It!”

    “Don’t Touch It, Don’t Even Look At It!”

    Back in 2009 one of my favorite comedies, The Hangover, was released. The groom and his three groomsmen, who consist of two buddies and one odd ball brother-in-law, head off to Las Vegas right before the wedding. To arrive in …Read More »
  • A World of 20s

    A World of 20s

    Years ago, when I was maybe four or five years out of college, I worked in an office of financial advisors – most of whom were older than me.  At the time, my now wife still had the label “girlfriend,” …Read More »
  • The Witch Isn’t The Only One Getting Crushed

    The Witch Isn’t The Only One Getting Crushed

    Have you ever seen the Wizard of Oz? Man that movie creeps me out. I should give it another shot, and with Halloween coming there will be plenty of opportunities. Every time I see a commercial for it, I can …Read More »
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