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  • It  Never Rains on Donny

    It Never Rains on Donny

    The year was 2010, I was newly engaged and getting married in just a few months.  I was in the process of switching my business to a different and larger firm/office.  My previous office was pretty small, and now I …Read More »
  • I Bonds Stocking Stuffers

    I Bonds Stocking Stuffers

    For me, it happens around tax time when I’m collecting all my tax forms.  I scramble to find my 1099-INT for our main checking account before I remember that our checking account earned such an embarrassingly low amount of interest …Read More »
  • An Angle For Every Product

    An Angle For Every Product

    When I was first hired as a financial advisor, my “class” of hires had about six of us.  Six of the most sought after and brilliant 22 year old financial minds spreading the deepest of wisdom one cold call at …Read More »
  • Decision Overload

    Decision Overload

    I am not the handiest man.  I like to spend my days inside my circles of competence, and none of those circles currently involve a circular saw.  That’s not to say that with years of practice, hours on YouTube and …Read More »
  • Year End Financial Tips!

    Year End Financial Tips!

    We have 7 weeks left in this year! If you’re anything like me, you’re WAY behind on your New Year’s resolution, or you don’t remember what it was and so you’re right where you want to be.  For 2022, my …Read More »
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