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  • Driver’s Side Impulse Buys

    Driver’s Side Impulse Buys

    If there is one new habit that I don’t mind, it would be curb side pick up for our groceries.  We have used Instacart delivery in the past, but the pandemic has turned curb side pick up from a random …Read More »
  • November Challenge

    November Challenge

    It’s been a while since I’ve thrown down the gauntlet with a good old fashion monthly challenge.  This month’s challenge, if you choose to accept it, is one day of forced ignorance!  That’s it, just a one day challenge.  One day …Read More »
  • The Downsizing Dilemma

    The Downsizing Dilemma

    When it comes to retirement planning, an important part of the discussion involves where you want to live.  Retirement is a new phase of life and, like anything new, it comes with uncertainty and many unknowns.  Unknowns like do we …Read More »
  • Menu Costs

    Menu Costs

    Back when I was in college studying economics, I was introduced to the idea of “menu costs.”  Since I love pizza, let’s tell a story… Big Bri’s pizza shop sells the best pizza in town.  They have a loyal customer …Read More »
  • The Closest We Have to Buried Treasure…Unclaimed Funds

    The Closest We Have to Buried Treasure…Unclaimed Funds

    As you may or may not know, each state in the U.S. has an “unclaimed funds” fund.  When someone passes away, there are often times assets that slip through the cracks and never reach the intended heirs.  It could be …Read More »
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  • Stumblin’ Monkey | Pandemic Playbook #3

    Stumblin’ Monkey | Pandemic Playbook #3

    Today’s guest is absolutely no stranger to a pub!  We welcomed Mr. Rob Shafer, the owner of the Sumblin’ Monkey Brewery located in the Village of Victor, NY.  Rob and I discuss his early days starting off with a home …Read More »
  • Fleet Feet | Pandemic Playbook #2

    Fleet Feet | Pandemic Playbook #2

    Today we had the incredible Ellen Brenner in the pub with us! Ellen started and co owns the local Rochester and Buffalo area Fleet Feet stores with her husband and business partner “Boots.”  Ellen and I discuss how they got …Read More »
  • Victor Hiking Trails | Pandemic Playbook #1

    Victor Hiking Trails | Pandemic Playbook #1

    On today’s episode we welcomed Mr. Dave Wright, the Chairman of the Victor Hiking Trails Inc.  One of the most surprising things I learned is that there are over 65 miles of trail to explore and enjoy in Victor, NY.  …Read More »
  • Season 3 Intro Episode | PubGPS Pandemic Playbook

    Season 3 Intro Episode | PubGPS Pandemic Playbook

    After 6 months, we are finally getting back up and running with Season 3 – The Pandemic Playbook.  Today we briefly introduce the theme of Season which plays off of Season 2’s “Wellness” theme. This season we are talking Fitness …Read More »
  • Talking Health & Wellness with Elsa | PubGPS Wellness Focus #5

    Talking Health & Wellness with Elsa | PubGPS Wellness Focus #5

    On today’s episode I am delighted to have Elsa Guenther in the pub with me.  Elsa is in the early stages of launching her health and wellness business and in today’s environment, her insights and advice are invaluable.  We discuss …Read More »
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