“Boogers Do Grow!”

From 2018:

“Boogers do grow! I find new ones everyday!”  My five year old yells from the third row seat of our minivan while we’re driving down the highway.  A light bulb moment for her since the day before when we told her where they come from (or did our best to explain).  She wasn’t having our nonsense, they grow and she wouldn’t be told otherwise!

Fast forward to yesterday as we watched her head off to third grade along side her booger growing brother who is headed to first grade and riding the bus for the first time.  It was again a moment mixed with equal parts excitement, nervousness and pride.  Excited for the new experiences, friends, learning, knowledge, and new found independence.  Nervous for the challenges and the unknowns.  Proud of them both for putting on their game face and marching, no tears (except for me and the wife, but mostly me), onto the bus.

When they got home, the highlights included the chocolate milk, being the first to the library to nab the coveted slime book and my son stating that they “did no work today at all.”  Not a whole lot of financial wisdom this week, just wanted to share.  I hope all the educators, administrators, parents, grandparents and of course kids had a great return to school.

Happy Friday! Please stay healthy and be safe!