Crazy Lady In The Minivan

Driving home last night I had the following little dialogue with my son: Nate: Dad, I lost my Bills Hat. Me: Which one? Nate: The one I just got for Christmas. Me: Do you remember when you may have lost it? Nate: Well…I was looking for it and it didn’t appear.  The conversation went on with me explaining that he needed to save up some money to buy a new one.  In one corner of my brain, I have this little Jiminy Cricket-looking character pounding away at one of those old calculators tabulating what that $30 hat would have been worth if the money had been invested.  In the other corner of my brain is the voice reminding me that when I was his age I wasn’t exactly a whiz at remembering things either.  I then remembered a story from when I was a kid.  I was riding home on the bus one day and this minivan started honking and flashing its lights behind the bus.  This crazy lady then pulled up alongside the bus and was waving some piece of paper with writing out the window.  As I looked over the other kids on my tippy toes, I suddenly realized that the piece of paper said “Brian Imrich” and it was my mother.  Then I remembered…I wasn’t supposed to get on the bus that day because I had a dentist appointment.  I grabbed my bag, ran up to the bus driver and next thing I knew I was in the front seat next to a very flustered mother, on my way to lie about how often I was brushing my teeth.  If my Mom put up with me, I suppose I can put up with a few more missing Bills hats. To all the Moms out there risking a car accident to get their child to the dentist, to school or practice on time and then home again safe and sound, this Sunday is for you.  I hope you have a wonderful day, you deserve it 🙂 Happy Friday! Happy Mother’s Day!