Get Dressed For Work

Although I would rather be writing this post in my Avenger’s pajama pants and a ratty long sleeve, that is not the case.  Today I got dressed for work.  Three weeks ago, this would have been far less of an accomplishment and completely expected!  At times when your routine has been tossed on its head and the patterns of your day start to disappear, it is important to remain in control of the things you can truly control.  If for no other reason than to let some inner scale know that you are still balanced.  If you want to remain doing the work of a ____________ you need to dress like a ___________. (If you want to have fun, plug any colorful word into those blank spaces.)

Let’s expand “getting dressed” to a few other routines:

  1. Keep saving! Don’t let your portfolio see you with your pants off.  Get dressed and keep tucking those biweekly contributions in while the market is falling.
  2. Keep your downtime consistent.  Consuming new information or the latest news is a rabbit hole designed to keep you from getting out.  If Tuesday night was your weekly dose of Schitt’s  Creek on Netflix, stick to the routine.
  3. Gym not open…Wednesday afternoon still wants its calorie burn! Lace those sneaks up and hit the street or find out how many times around the coffee table is one mile.

Our money and our routines are very much under siege by the turbulence of this environment.  I will gladly make the deal to keep one routine free from change.  Let’s keep getting dressed for work, even when work is also now a homeschool, bunker and likely to soon have a home-built distillery in the basement.

Happy Friday!!