How Do You Say Thank You?

This week is Teacher Appreciation Week, AND…as my cousin reminded me last year,  just as importantly National Nurses Day on May 6th.  At this moment, in this period of time, I have this feeling in me that saying “thank you” isn’t enough.  How do you thank the teachers who are adapting on the fly to an uncharted educational and societal terrain? How do you thank the frontline nurses (and all health services) for risking their safety and showing up everyday to battle a foe we have yet to truly understand? 

Still the best I can come up with is to say “thank you” today, but to also work hard to remember.  Remember to show appreciation for these jobs now and even when things (hopefully) get back to “normal.” Maybe the best way to say thank you, is to keep saying it, so, here it is one more time…

Thank You.  

Happy Friday! Be healthy and stay safe!