If Only It Were That Easy

Have you watched the hit Paramount show Yellowstone? Yellowstone is kind of like The Sopranos, but taking place on a ranch in Montana. After several recommendations, my wife and I started watching it and our binging quickly picked up momentum.  As we were marching through the seasons, I started noticing that all the cowboys only drank one kind of beer, Coors Banquet (they occasionally refer to it as a “yellow jacket”).  It is this cool looking stubby bottle and I had to have it. I needed to be a badass cowboy too and could think of no better first step than getting me some Coors Banquets to drink. So I popped into Walmart as I was driving by and they were all sold out.  Next stop, our local grocery chain Wegmans, no luck.  Finally I stopped at the Tops Friendly Market in the town next to us only to strike out again.  If you’re thinking I gave up my search there, you are dead wrong.  My desire to look like a cowboy ran deep and so I pushed on to one more Tops, further away, and low and behold I walked out of there with the last 12 pack of Coors Banquet! If I wasn’t acting tough like a cowboy, I would have had an enormous grin too.  

Rewinding a little, as I stood there in that last store, I started to wonder how many other “cowboys” there were like me hunting down this elusive Coors Banquet?  The show Yellowstone seemed to be all the buzz, the beer was sold out everywhere, so I thought that maybe I should buy stock in the Molson-Coors company.  Maybe the stock price will ride this Yellowstone fame to a new all time high! That night I talked to my wife and we bought a little bit in our “home run” investment account.  (Compliance – this article is not a recommendation of any kind to purchase Molson – Coors stock, just the beer 🙂  I would like to say that the stock has doubled in value, but in reality it hasn’t been that long and we are up about enough to buy another 12 pack.  I thought it was a solid idea, practical, but if only it were that easy to pick winners… 

As we continue to make our way through this economy, pandemic, current state of the world, all kinds of things seem to be “making a comeback.”  Sports trading cards are selling online for thousands like they did back in the late 80s early 90s.  Every day I read about the latest crypto currency that is going to democratize the world, yet with the next click the headline is about “$600 million stolen in largest crypto heist.” Some cars are worth more than when bought two years ago and who knows, maybe my old Smurf collection might pay for my children’s college some day – assuming they haven’t all melted down from being in my parents’ attic for 30 years.  There are thousands of things that could be a “home run” or have a moment in the spotlight that makes a quick buck or thousands of bucks.  In order for this to happen though, you have to be right about many things.  You have to risk buying the right thing, at the right time, and with the right amount of money to make it worth the while.  There is always a headline of the person who got it all right at once, but if it were only that easy, we would all own an 800,000 acre ranch in Montana and be able to drink Coors Banquet all day.  In the end, my bottle cap sums up just right….

Happy Friday!