Lessons Are Expensive

When my wife and I bought our first home, I neglected to seal up a pipe coming into our house, despite it being noted in our home inspection.  That resulted in an afternoon freaking out as we watched water flow into our electrical box, and then a new electrical box that cost a nice chunk of change. A lesson was learned, an expensive lesson.  

Fast forward to today, I was paying some bills with my wallet out and next to me my youngest daughter was practicing her cutting…and making a sweet ole mess of the living room.  In the blink of an eye, I look down and see a $20 cut in half and stacked up with the rest of her clippings.  I didn’t overreact, but I did let out a loud enough gasp and chuckle to get her attention.  It’s a delicate balance trying to deliver the lesson while also not coming off being too harsh.  I hope that she learned the lesson that cutting up money is not the best use of it. I know I learned a lesson about leaving my wallet out and that working from home is great, but can also literally cost you money. 

In the end, lessons are expensive and worth it.  How else do you learn? How else do you grow? 

Happy Friday! Be healthy and stay safe!