Sh*T Happens

Sh*t Happens

“Sh*t happens.”

I liked that phrase the first time I saw it on a bumper sticker and I like it still.

This week my toilet at the office exploded.  I flushed, walked away and boom!  Water exploded and shot out from where the tank meets the seat all over the floor and walls and even a little on me.  Some water continued to run out while I stood there with my jaw hanging just above the soaking wet floor.  This year has had so many sh*t happenings.

Today I am flipping the script on this beloved saying and turning it into one with a more positive connotation with “g*fts happen.” Also this week my wife’s cousin and his wife gave birth to a beautiful baby girl…g*fts happen. The Saturday after Thanksgiving we were able to meet my family at a Christmas Tree farm that was just about equidistant from where we each live five hours apart.  It wasn’t the time we normally get with them or what we are accustomed to, but it was two hours of memories made all the same…g*fts happen. On Wednesday, we had our first snow fall and I got to see my kids being kids trying to snowboard and sled on a quarter-inch of snow covering…g*fts happen.

As the holiday season arrives and we face what is likely the true winter of this pandemic, there will be a blizzard of “sh*t happens” and my hope for everyone reading is that there is an equal and deserving amount of “g*fts happen” too.

Happy Friday! Stay healthy and please be safe!

PS –  My new toilet with the handle on the right hand side is not a g*ft happens, but I’ll live with it!