Climb the hill

The Bottom of the Hill

Our house is located at the top of a pretty big hill.  On our side of the street a sidewalk runs past our house winding down the hill to where it intersects with a local walking trail.  Such close proximity to the trail was one of the big selling points of the house and has proved an invaluable asset, especially during the past year.  The hill was not one of the big selling points and has proved itself time and time again a literal mountain to climb at the end of every family walk and bike ride.  I can’t track the number of climbs pushing a stroller with two kids in it with one hand and carrying a bike in the other all the while knowing there was still a jog back down to grab the second bike we left in the tall grass at the bottom.

In addition to the climb, that tall grass at the bottom of the hill has become a repository for all kinds of neglected Imrich family objects that get blown out of our yard.  These items range from a large plastic pumpkin around Halloween, a day old souvenir beach ball, or our recently melted Frosty the Snowman’s top hat.  It’s not that these items are unimportant, it’s more about there only being so much time and energy available each day.  After putting away two snowboards, 6 snow scoopers, my snow shovels and salting the driveway, Frosty’s hat gets left behind in hopes that it will remain on that sliver of snow in the front lawn.

In finance and money, there is no shortage of “Frosty’s Hats”  and also “bottoms of the hill” where they wind up.  It’s not that you don’t care about that $500 credit limit GAP credit card you opened in 1992, there’s just not enough time most days to handle it.  It’s not that the $100 left in your dependent care flex spending account isn’t important, it’s that there are other priorities in life that take precedent.  I am here to guide you and remind you that on the whole, it is OK to have these loose ends.  I am also here to remind and encourage you that in the near future, the way of life that once was will return and if the estranged credit card wasn’t a priority when you were stuck at home for 12 months, there is little chance of you walking down that big hill to get it once life opens up again.  As we enter this new year, with resolve and motivation, let’s tackle the small things now so we won’t have to later.  If you don’t know where to start, or which things to categorize as small, I am here, ready and waiting to help.  Cheers to a happy new year!

Happy Friday! Please stay healthy and be safe!