The New TV Channels

The other night my oldest daughter was asking our favorite movies so she could write them down in her little journal.  As we ran out of movie ideas, she said “what if I write down my favorite TV channels too?” She then listed…Netflix, Amazon, YouTube and PBS. 🙂 These are the new channels.  When we turn on our television, there is no more instant action TV as much as a home screen menu with a list of “channels” to pick from.  This is what she knows and is all she has known in her 6 short years on this planet.

I remember being at one grandmother’s house and her TV remote looked like a miniature Casio keyboard with a small wheel on the side of it and a cord that connected it back to the cable box.  I also remember being at my other grandmother’s house and there was no remote.  Just a good old fashioned dial to hop off the couch and turn when you grew tired of the one of 4 available channels.  Today, you just have to shout at Siri, Google or Alexa and someone will turn on the TV.

Time, technology and change continue to march on and the one thing that stays the same, is being able to say “I remember back when…”  Maybe in the not too distant future I’ll be saying, “I remember back when cars didn’t drive themselves!” Maybe you’ll be saying, “I remember back when Brian had almost a full head of hair.”

With all the “new TV channels,” we try hard to keep the things that matter the most exactly the same and continue to be the channel that clients have come to trust and rely on.  You can use technology to enhance the client experience, but not to replace the client experience.  You can’t upgrade honesty, integrity or a hard days work.  In the end, all the new channels in the world are of no value if there is still nothing on you want to watch.  We have a lot more great programming to come, so please stay tuned!

Happy Friday!