Three Trips

I recently injured my right bicep, and although I am fortunate and should be back to super human strength in a couple of months, it has been an experience. As I have shared this latest story with clients, many of you have gently reminded me that it is OK to ask for help.  I’ve never had to ask someone to load my groceries in the car or me.  I’ve never had to flag down a store employee to throw a box of paint in my trunk for me.  It is uncomfortable to feel this vulnerability in tasks that were a total afterthought in the past.  When I say it out loud, or even type it up, it feels silly.  After all, if I am going to practice what I preach, my children would gladly remind me how often I let them know it is always OK to ask for help. Today is garbage day and so last night I found myself bringing each tote down the curb one at a time.  I only had to make three trips instead of two, but there was just something about that extra trip, the loud clatter of dragging that last sucker that once again reminded me that this could be done quicker if I just asked for help.  I do my best to take these lessons to heart and to appreciate that there will be many more times in the future that asking for help, although uncomfortable, is the most appropriate thing to do.  It could be a difficult decision at work, a challenge one of our children is facing outside of mine or my wife’s knowledge base, or it could be a queen size box spring that requires a wing span greater than that of a 5’ 8” 40 year old male to lift 🙂  Although I need to wait a month before I can strengthen the bicep muscle, I think I will be happy that I’ve learned to strengthen that ability to ask for help. Life is a journey, and at times money helps lighten, but also increases the load.  If anyone you know needs help with money, we are happy to lend a left hand. Happy Friday!