Today’s Happy Topic – Death

Death, believe it or not, is not on my list of  “things I enjoy talking about.” Shocking right? Despite my feelings, I understand the monumental impact that an unexpected or expected passing can have on the lives of the ones we care about.  September is life insurance awareness month and in the spirit of the month we have today’s topic – life insurance.

If you sit down to make a list of all the insurances you pay for each year, it’s no wonder the term “insurance poor” so often gets used.  Shelling out money for premiums to protect against events you never ever want to happen.  Every year without a homeowners claim I am lucky and thankful, yet still $900 poorer.  With life insurance premiums it’s even worse. “I’m out $1,200, but hey I didn’t die so I got that going for me.” 🙂 

What if we could call it something other than life insurance?  Would spending the money feel any different if we could call it Family Protection Coverage (FPC for short)?       

My hope for today is that regardless of what we can call it or what it costs, we can agree that life insurance is still an invaluable tool to have in your financial toolbox.  It’s a tool you only get to use once, but it can not only build a new home, but payoff a home, allow children to graduate debt free, let a spouse mourn without having to show up to work two weeks later and provide financial certainty at a time when nothing else may feel so certain.  

I am not advocating to call the next “PRE APPROVED” 800 number that pops up during the Jeopardy commercial break.  Instead, ask yourself if you think your family needs life insurance or maybe needs more (or less).  If you are not sure of the answer, we are always here to help.  

Happy Friday!