“Boys Don’t Even Have…”

It’s just about bedtime and I ‘m running through the final steps of the nightly routine with my six year old daughter.  She starts laughing and telling me what she thinks is a hilarious story about one of the boys in her class being inappropriate.  I’ll skip the back and forth and my well articulated parent speech on the difference between boys vs girls and inappropriate vs. appropriate.  I thought I had nailed the teachable moment when my daughter replied to me, “Boy’s don’t even have boobs….(she then pauses for a second)…well you pretty much kind of have boobs.”  🙂

I laughed so hard, all the while trying to defend my build and the stature of my chest.  These sound bytes that young children so freely produce are a true treasure.  A free flow of thoughts, observations and unknowing judgements of the world around them.

When I think back on this story, now every morning while I am doing push ups, I think about how much power exists in being able to speak your mind.   It seems like at some point as you leave your carefree childhood behind, it becomes ever more difficult to easily express what you’re thinking.

I see this often when it comes to money.  Whether it involves what you really want to do with your money, but are afraid to share, or voicing well intentioned disapproval of how someone else is spending theirs.  There are even times when it is difficult to articulate exactly what you feel and therefore easier to just say nothing.  This silence can become the norm and it is the role of a trusted advisor to ask the appropriate questions in an environment that feels worth opening up in.   Don’t get me wrong, a little filter can be much appreciated, but progress thrives through healthy communication and productive conversations.

On a final note for this weekend, please wish all the father’s you know the best Father’s Day.  Mine will be filled with family, donuts and Chinese food and I wish the same for yours! 

Happy Friday!