Our All New Debt Loss System – Wallet Watchers!!

“That’s right folks, you heard it here! The world debut of the hottest new debt loss system in 50 years.  

Our science based approach to debt loss has helped thousands and now it’s time to let us help you!”

(audience applause)

“Is Gene in the audience?  Stand up Gene! Gene lost 44,000 of debt in less than 12 months with our all new system.  You look great Gene!”

“You viewers there at home, I need you to hurry to save big on this one day only sale.  As a bonus, not only will your wallet be so full by the end, but you’ll be burning calories all day having to lug it around!”

“Save now on the deal to start saving on the debt tomorrow!”

Enough infomercial for today 🙂  There are many parallels to be drawn from the physical fitness world to the financial world.  My favorite is the idea of dieting.  For all the diets that exist, I have to think one of the underlying themes in most of the successful ones is daily discipline.  If you don’t start building discipline, to adhere to the rules of the system, you are not likely to see the results you are hoping for.  Financial “dieting” is not much different.  As we enter our last week of the June Challenge, I thought this post an important reminder that progress in your financial world is attained with same discipline as it is in your fitness world.  Hopping on the scale once at the end of the month might not be the kind of check in that will keep you on track or get you fired up.  Hopping online to see your checking account balance once at the end of the month is just as flawed.  The goal is to get to a place where daily monitoring turns into weekly monitoring which then turns into the occasional check in.

If you working towards a goal, financial or fitness alike, here are four easy steps:

  1. Put your goal in writing.  Be specific with what the goal is and when you want to accomplish it by.
  2. Make it easy to track.  Keep your progress visible so it remains front of mind.
  3. Track it everyday until you get there.
  4. Celebrate the milestones.  Be proud of any progress, but in celebrating, don’t lose your momentum.

If you would like the entertainment of listening to me narrate this post, click here.  Also, please stay tuned for the PubGPS Podcast which is aiming to hit Itunes in a week or so.  (maybe we’ll even have special guest Gene on to talk about his debt loss experience, ha) 

Happy Friday!