“I want to be the mascot”

My wife and I were so excited to tell our 4 year old son that we had signed him up for soccer and tee ball in the spring!  We used our high pitched excited parent voices, “Bud, did you know you are going to do soccer AND baseball in the spring?”

His immediate reply, “I want to be the mascot.”  🙂

You can’t script these moments.  As a proud poppa about to start this new exciting arena of sports with his son, my preconceived images didn’t match up with his budding little desire to be the mascot.  

When I step back though, it would suit him pretty well.  When he decides he is a dragon, he goes into full character.  He doesn’t break character until he makes up his mind it’s time to be the next animal.   

Especially with kids, as I am learning, it is extremely difficult to predict what they’ll want, where they’ll end up, or how their interests will change over time.  I guess the lesson to keep learning, is to forever have an open mind and flexible expectations for how the future will unfold.

In our day to day in helping clients, it is also difficult to predict what they’ll want, where they’ll end up or how their wants for the future will change over time until they eventually get there. Thankfully, we are not currently helping anyone over the age of 4 reach their goal of dressing up as an animal for a professional sports team.

Happy Friday!