June Challenge!

If you missed the January challenge, or were too chicken 🙂 to give it a try, here is your chance at redemption!  With summer upon us, graduation season, vacations and BBQs it only gets harder and harder to keep the wallet and purse strings closed.  For June, let’s give our bank account one more shot at lasting till September.

I have a June challenge for both our retired and working readers:

If you are still working, just see how many consecutive days you can go without spending a single penny.  You may have bills on auto pay which will still be mechanically getting paid in the background, but what I am talking about is actively purchasing anything new.  No coffee, no gas, no groceries, no Target runs etc… The last time I tried this, I made it a whopping two days. The lesson for me wasn’t the number of days, it was the realization of how fast and frequently the money escapes.  So let’s set the bar at three days!

If you are retired, find a new adventure/place to try that is no more than 30 miles from your home.  I dream of going cross country or to Hawaii someday.  As cool as those will be, I am often amazed at these awesome experiences and places I hear about that are so close to home.

This is your June challenge, should you choose to accept it.  If you do, like January, let me know the results and I will surely do the same.  

Happy Friday!