Single Point of Failure

Don’t you love today’s cover photo? Who wouldn’t want the floor and possibly their house being held up by an over sized table leg?

You’ve been planning for three years to buy a house and this last one checks every box. It’s big and beautiful with a new roof, all the yard you want and completely move in ready.  Perfection, except it’s being held up by a old piece of colonial furniture.  This is your single point of failure.

No matter how solid all the other parts, it crumbles.  “It” could be a house, a car, or in my world your financial plan/future.  

Your financial plan is a never ending expedition and our job is to find the single point of failure and protect against it, avoid it, or knowingly accept it.  The most perfectly crafted retirement plan can implode if even one single shortcoming is not addressed and contingencies made.  These could include things like losing a job too soon, living too long or simply spending more than you anticipated.  If we look beyond just retirement, to your entire financial picture, the search area for points of failure goes from the size of a canoe to the size of the Titanic.  Perfect segway, the Titanic is unsinkable…unless it hits an iceberg.

Having a second set of eyes to guide and reinforce your plan is one of the biggest advantages of having trusted advisors on your team.  

Happy Friday!

(And keep your beer in two separate fridges in case one fridge dies 🙂 )