Me & My 8-Foot-Tall Palm Tree…Buy It, You’re Worth It

About a month ago me, my wife and all three kiddies walked into BJs Wholesale Club for what has become our “big trip out.” Immediately upon entering I saw it. Standing 8 feet tall, but looking like 20 as it stood proudly on a top shelf in a center aisle. I peeled the kids from the enormous television section and bee lined over to take a closer look. I knew I had to have it, but $140 for a fake light-up palm tree felt like a pretty poor way to spend some hard-earned money. Especially for a guy who has been cutting his own hair for the past 21 years. So, I took a picture of the price tag and we moved on.

When we got home, I was describing the palm tree in all its splendor to my wife, who hadn’t even noticed it! Then, as in most cases when I ask for her input, she gave me the nudge I needed. “What else do you spend your money on? If it’s going to make you happy, get the stupid thing.” So out the door I went, with one child in tow this time, to bring the newest and tallest member of the family home.

It’s a funny thing how and when we spend our money. How a purchase can make us feel right away and how we feel about it days, weeks and months later. I am one month into this last purchase and we have had two ridiculously memorable “beach picnics” with the family, countless silly daydreams of getting back to a real beach some day, and not one moment of buyer’s remorse. For those of you who can’t reach out to my wife directly for a nudge, take today’s post as the motivation, and the reason you may have needed, to go out and get your own “8-foot-tall palm tree.” Even if you don’t get days, weeks or months of enjoyment, after the year we’ve had, you should still buy it. You’re worth it 😊

Happy Friday! Please stay healthy and be safe!