Wishing So Hard

In a complete change up, we took the children to walk around the mall a couple weeks ago.  I had a pocket full loose change and we were all ready to do some serious wishing even if the fountains had no water in them.  Today’s cover photo is our youngest, who after throwing her last penny in wished oh so hard for a “unicorn jumping over a rainbow.”  I threw two coins in and wished for more Chinese food in my life and to finally get vaccinated.  In two hours my vaccination wish (at least the first part) is coming true, and with any luck, in four hours my Chinese wish may come true too.  As a financial planner, creating this outcome with just two pennies is some incredible leverage.  Hopefully this weekend the unicorn will stop being so damn lazy and jump over the rainbow 🙂

Wishing you a happy Friday! Please stay healthy and be safe!