One and Done…For Now

I love sharing my ideas with my sister because she always tends to be on the opposite end of my thought spectrum.  An argument ensues, where she inevitably thinks she is the winner and since she is the youngest, the rest of the family usually takes her side!  🙂

A few weeks ago I shared with her that my new reading method, for this monster stack of non-fiction books sitting on my nightstand, is to read until I get one really great idea and then put it down and go to the next book.  If that idea comes on page 2, great, cover closed and moving on!

I explained my point in that there are only so many changes you can make at once.  One great idea, that gets put into action and sticks, is more powerful than 20 great ideas that flounder and overwhelm your current situation.

We see a similar approach in helping clients with new or different financial ideas.  Too many changes, put into motion at one time can create a level of confusion where instead of making the progress we expected, we stall out where we are.  To prevent this, we try and start with one great idea and give it time to work.  Then, equipped with the confidence and hopefully great results of this last improvement, we add the next great idea into the plan. 

In the end, I did not win my sister over to my side, but I have “read” far more books than her so far this year and that’s all the proof I need to declare myself the winner.

Happy Friday!