THE August Challenge

So we’ve hit August.  I have a few hot dogs under my belt and hopefully you do too.  We’re starting to get a little of that “Sunday feeling” in my house like the fun is coming to an end soon.  Today, let’s keep the summer rocking ‘n rolling with a good old fashion August challenge!  

I am going to split this challenge into two so you have options. Here we go: 

  1. Challenge 1 – If you choose to accept it, add 30 minutes of sleep to your schedule.  This challenge is especially important for those who are not getting 7-8 hours of sleep a night.  I have long shunned the idea of getting more sleep under a flimsy belief that the way towards more productivity is in having more time to get things done.  As I have learned, this is often far from the truth.  The road towards better decisions for your wealth/legacy/future, lower financial stress, higher productivity and mental clarity is smoothest when traveled with a solid night’s sleep.  
  2. Challenge 2 – If you choose to accept it, roll that change! Many of us have those empty wine jugs or jars full of coins.  If you go to a Dollar Tree or Dollar General you can pick up some change rollers.  Now that I think of it, I am pretty sure I just ordered some off Amazon a couple years ago too.  Counting and rolling coins may not have been what you were thinking when I said we were going to keep the summer rocking ‘n rolling along and so let’s lighten it up and gamify.  Once you have your coins rolled (preferably on a rainy day or at night while binge watching Ted Lasso on Apple TV), get them into your bank account so you don’t have to cart them around town, and then spend your treasure.  Hit up the local brewery you haven’t been to yet, invite the neighbors out for ice cream and treat the whole gang, or leave it all as one massive tip for the next barista that serves you a cup of morning coffee.  (Also, please let me know your grand total!) 

Happy Friday! Please stay healthy and be safe!