August Challenge – One Little Thing

My Dad mailed some comic strips to me a couple months ago and included in the bunch was this gem, an oh so appropriate one from “The Family Circus.”

We had just planted our first garden with the kids and I had no trouble relating to the father in the comic.  By the end, I was covered in dirt and throwing out seeds like I was salting our driveway before a snow storm.  Whenever I look at this comic, in addition to wanting two dogs for our family, I appreciate this one little thing that my Dad did in sending the comics up my way.  

 So your August challenge, if you choose to accept it…spend some money on doing one little thing.  Chances are you’re not spending as much as normal and now is a better time than ever to put some of that money saved into doing one, or many, little things.  

Here are a couple of ideas: 

  • Buy gift cards to the restaurant in your town, even if you don’t like the food, but you like supporting a local business.
  • Spend $80 on a heavy package full of things your grandkids might think are funny and ship it to wherever in the country they live. 
  • Spent $50 on handmade “thank you” cards you found on Etsy and send them to the people in your life worth thanking.  

I am no stranger to pounding the “save money” drum, but there are many times that drum is best left in the closet.  Now is one of them, and if you’re already doing these things, your August challenge is to help me convince my wife we are ready for a dog (or two) so I can bring more of this comic and chaos to our home life. 

Happy Friday! Please stay healthy and be safe!